Consistency is important in goal setting. Creating a habit takes at least 3 weeks. To let habits form and allow practices to become effective, it’s important to create consistency in the initial stages of the activity.

Are you trying to lose 10 lbs by exercising more? Create a consistent routine of going to the gym. Going three times the first week but only once the second week, won’t help you reach your goal.

Are you trying to eat healthier? Create consistency in your diet by meal prepping. Meal prepping for the first half of the week but eating at Whole Foods’ hot bar for the rest of the week, it’s a start…but it isn’t going to help you stay on track.

Are you trying to cross the finish line at your first half marathon? Create a consistent training schedule. Running 20 miles in total one week (which is awesome!) and then dropping mileage down to 2 miles the following week, won’t help you improve for race day.

While we can all create schedules and plans, they are only effective if we stick to them. Create a plan that is realistic for your lifestyle and that you will be able to maintain.

Maintenance takes practice and effort but once we’ve created consistency, our goals will be much easier to reach.
Do you need help creating consistency when it comes to health and fitness? Let me know. I’m here to help you reach your goals in a realistic way. Email Roxy at to get started on a consistent plan to reach your goals.