Change is inevitable in life. Change might occur in our careers, our relationships, our bodies, our homes, and elsewhere. Change is inevitable and, often, feared. In a world where we can access most information at our fingertips, our fear develops around the unknown that comes with change.

We become used to routine – routine days, patterns, clothes, people, commutes, etc., that when our routines get shaken up, we might also become shaken, not knowing what to expect. Though we might try to resist the change, change is beautiful and the changes in our routines will ultimately lead to growth.

I like to compare us to trees.

Trees have roots. So do we.

The roots on a tree are strong and keep the tree stable. Just like our roots.

But trees change. As do we. 

Their leaves change, their branches change, and they move with the wind.

The trees don’t resist the changes as the changes are inevitable with nature. They allow the changes to occur, knowing that their roots will keep them stable. When the changes occur, they are beautiful. New leaves, new branches, new colors.

Like the trees, if we have patience – keeping an open heart and mind, while trusting our roots – we can allow the changes in our life to be beautiful experiences too. We might encounter heavy winds, but our roots stick with us and carry us through the storm into light and freshness.

The point of this? Change happens and in yoga, we practice non-attachment. We try to not think about the result and rather remain open to the current experience, having trust in every breath and movement we make.  Whether we are trying a new pose or starting a new job, ending a relationship, or beginning a new one, it is all unknown. Trust in the moment and trust that your roots will carry you forward in time and with patience.


Over the last two months, I’ve had a lot of changes in my life. I’ve stepped down as a Personal Trainer at Boston Sports Clubs and I have focused more of my time on my remote clients and my journey as a yoga teacher. I’ve also found a new full time job. While there are still many things unknown, I’m ready to embrace the changes, trusting that each change will contribute to my experiences of life.

If you are experiencing change, know that you’re not alone. As a yoga teacher and personal trainer, I hope to help you embrace the change and experience life.

As always feel free to reach out with any questions: xxRoxy