Roxy is a certified BODYROK reformer instructor, based in San Francisco, CA.

After years of injuries, in 2016 Roxy met a physical therapist who introduced her to the Pilates reformer machine. Working on a reformer strengthened muscles Roxy didn’t realize she even had. These small stabilizer muscles fired up and ultimately helped heal her existing injuries and prevent others. Roxy swears by the reformer and encourages all people, seasoned athletes and people new to fitness, to give it a shot.

Current Schedule

Roxy teaches regularly scheduled classes at BODYROK FiDi on Mondays and Fridays at 3pm and 3:50pm. She teaches at BODYROK Polk on Thursdays at 4:40pm and 5:30pm. She can be found subbing other classes times around the Bay Area.

About the BODYROK Method


Pilates inspired, 40-min, full body, strength training group classes on the custom BODYROK reformer.  Our hybrid pilates sequences will  have you plank, lunge, squeeze, pike, jump, and push your body – the BODYROK experience is designed to create more energy and increase your metabolism, working for you even after you leave. COME ROK WITH US!”

Learn more about BODYROK here.